The future of e-learning

The education landscape is changing and there are more types of learner than ever before – part-time, full-time, distance and online. People want and need to learn in different ways which support their preferred styles so it’s important that we ‘meet demand’ and give learners what they want, when they want it.  

we have adopted and implemented e-learning materials to support students through their training and training providers in their delivery. With a large part of our qualifications already computer based – particularly assessments – it made sense to develop e-learning at the same time.

We did research with a large pool of our students to gather insight into the type of materials that would provide solutions to their problems and soon realised that the best approach would be to develop supportive e-learning tools in-house.

The benefit of developing these tools ourselves is that we are in a strong position to deliver course content quickly, make amends in-house rather than relying on suppliers and, most importantly, react quickly to the changing needs of our students, training providers and members.

From a global perspective e-learning opens doors. Distance is no longer a barrier and learners are able to access and share information from virtually anywhere in the world. Most now have their own digital device and this has changed the way they work and interact in a classroom and study environment.

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